Termite's WWW protocol

Termite features a web browser with full navigation and bookmark features to make access to the complex structure of the Web easy, and support for a wide variety of obscure (and even incorrect) dialects of HTML. Termite supports the full HTML 2.0 specification (with all features of forms, including text areas), with many HTML 3.0, HTML 3.2 and Netscape extensions.

Termite's web browser has many advanced features, including:

Why put up with a web that looks like this:

(A standard screen-shot from another Archimedes web browser)

...when you could have it looking like this?

(A rather nicer looking shot of the same page from Termite. You might like to turn images on to see it.)

(O) Download web browser demonstration and information pack (603K)

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Jon Ribbens, DoggySoft Ltd.