Black Angel, the complete solution

Chris Eves & Andrew Wares

(Plain text version also available)

%age System Planet Co-ordinates Shape
01% Atisco Barnard X=38.8, Y=55.0, Z=-69.3 Star
02% Goff Gach X=103.7, Y=-7.1, Z=-10.6 Wave
03% Immat K X=-104.9, Y=42.9, Z=-17.4 Plus
04% Norima Wisdom X=-18.3, Y=-2.3, Z=-56.5 Cube
05% Banili Sleeper X=108.0, Y=-23.8, Z=-57.1 Wave
06% Omega Draquill X=60.4, Y=12.2, Z=91.5 Plus
07% Fuchar Saki X=16.6, Y=-25.9, Z=50.4 Cube
08% Roquw Bencoss X=-81.9, Y=-19.0, Z=15.2 Star
09% Eslopa Tail X=42.1, Y=42.3, Z=3.1 Cube
10% Esolik Sun (Generator) X=-67.5, Y=32.1, Z=37.5 Star
11% Kort Kort X=-73.4, Y=-52.2, Z=-59.8 Wave
12% Sourt Marinad X=10.9, Y=-21.3, Z=10.0 Star
13% Knave Eboni X=69.1, Y=37.5, Z=43.1 Wave
14% Lyric Copper X=-34.1, Y=-25.2, Z=-4.0 Plus
15% Count Bat X=17.9, Y=60.4, Z=-83.1 Cube
16% Llach X=69.1, Y= -25.2, Z=-84 Star
17% Lurch Pulgh X=65.0, Y=79.1, Z=54.4 Wave
18% West Flax X=-49.5, Y=85.2, Z=23.5 Star
19% Morat Baroque X=-74.7, Y=-80.3, Z=-27.6 Star
20% Beam South X=-42.6, Y=-23.5, Z=56.1 Plus
21% Track Yfallo X=87.8, Y=50.5, Z=-10.0 Star
22% Feast Dabri_Vartis X=-27.7, Y=41.7, Z=-0.9 Star
23% Valve Pinta X=-48.0, Y=-34.8, Z=-110.6 Star
24% Thyme Thymus X=-47.0, Y=-114.2, Z=-7.5 Cube
25% Rune Woad X=-8.0, Y=-107.5, Z=-62.2 Wave
26% Cinder Top X=6.1, Y=99.1, Z=-51.5 Star
27% Datum Surdi_Fort X=-11, Y=34.1, Z=-44.5 Cube
28% Small Ert X=11.9, Y=-1.3, Z=-57.5 Wave
29% Lintel Cop X=33.7, Y=25.1, Z=-31.6 Star
30% Raven Blood X=-79.8, Y=-48.7, Z=27.5 Plus
31% Hell Brimstone X=27.2, Y=18.3, Z=103.5 Plus
32% Drink Womble X=-30.4, Y=-37.0, Z=22.5 Plus
33% Reduce ZZZZ X=8.4, Y=-5.3, Z=94.0 Star
34% Mour Fly from Mour X=24.0, Y=6.0, Z=-112.0 Cube
35% Feeble Corpse X=-42.6, Y=-2.7, Z=67.2 Star
36% Arena Disc X=-86.1, Y=85.1, Z=0.7 Star
37% Screw Sun (Space Dock) X=28.0, Y=-47.6, Z=-64.9 Wave
38% Helmet Between Garage & Sun X=-46.3, Y=-65.1, Z=72.1 Plus
39% Fraud X=3.7, Y=-53.4, Z=42.6 Cube
40% Knee X=-54.4, Y=89.2, Z=49.1 Star
41% Mould Sollidarn X=-75.6, Y=-60.5, Z=61.0 Star
42% Helot H X=19.5, Y=14.5, Z=-7.2 Star
43% Famish Drummond X=45.4, Y=48.9, Z=3.2 Star
44% Minim Between Sun & La X=43.3, Y=-56.9, Z=50.6 Cube
45% Venus Between Veersu & Calluq X=-16.9, Y=40.4, Z=-80.9 Star
46% Sector Cool X=3.0, Y=8.6, Z=-0.9 Star
47% Mural X=-36.0, Y=39.6, Z=53.1 Star
48% Slime Sleazy X=69.1, Y=-51.4, Z=29.1 Cube
49% Orchid Between Sun & Gazull X=-16.8, Y=-58.9, Z=-7.1 Star
50% Heart Between Sorvu & Ix X=16.7, Y=45.6, Z=-43.2 Cube
51% Sphere Viazz X=79.0, Y=-46.5, Z=-24.3 Star
52% Orion Between Drakis & Algrond X=30.1, Y=0.5, Z=-106.3 Star
53% Strait X=-87.2, Y=36.7, Z=14.4 Wave
54% Scene Stage X=94.6, Y=-6.9, Z=785 Star
55% Norman Star Gate X=81.8, Y=-16.5, Z=55.7 Star
56% Quack Between Vaa & Vaaroch X=-87.8, Y=63.0, Z=20.2 Star
57% Midas X=52.4, Y=-7.1, Z=-100.4 Cube
58% Jou Droll X=-31.9, Y=2.1, Z=-6.9 Star
59% Sana Between Sana & Chedda X=96.2, Y=26.1, Z=-65.6 Cube
60% Knight Between Sarrok & Sucrit X=-29.7, Y=26.2, Z=39.9 Star
61% Morse Warzi X=88.9, Y=-74.3, Z=-31.9 Star
62% Denim X=-71.8, Y=-47.8, Z=-85.6 Cube
63% Peril Sun X=-60.8, Y=-50.9, Z=-58.2 Star
64% Amark Between Amark & Gorck X=48.3, Y=-48.7, Z=104.1 Wave
65% Lisp Between Ballpen & Quill X=-51.5, Y=0.3, Z=-11.0 Cube
66% Nectar Firengi X=86.9, Y=40.6, Z=-14.6 Star
67% Cosmos Between Sun & StoreHouse X=-96.8, Y=42.3, Z=-12.8 Star
68% Drill X=48.2, Y=12.4, Z=-62.5 Cube
69% Magic Between Sun & Ford X=32.6, Y=84.9, Z=66.6 Star
70% Vunach Fly from Vunach X=94, Y=0.4, Z=-89 Star
71% Freeze Ven_Vulii X=-73.2, Y=-17.5, Z=-72.1 Cube
72% Tower Between Sun & Nail X=-42.3, Y=8.8, Z=-12.2 Star
73% Hammer A X=52.0, Y=-20.8, Z=-55.5 Star
74% Oxygen Between Fir & Surk X=15.9, Y=-16.6, Z=51.0 Wave
75% Acorn X=-4.4, Y=55.4, Z=76.6 Star
76% Gamma Between Farl & Trouun X=23.7, Y=116.7, Z=39.8 Cube
77% Render Between Sun & 4 X=-57.8, Y=7.2, Z=-26.6 Star
78% Canal Sun (Space Dock) X=-19.2, Y=-103.2, Z=-45.1 Wave
79% Syntax Between Sun & Pandora X=-33.5, Y=90.1, Z=33.0 Cube
80% Atlas Garangee X=-26.4, Y=-91.9, Z=-23.6 Star
81% Titan Head between Dass & Clay X=54.0, Y=60.7, Z=-52.0 Star
82% Future Water X=-70.9, Y=60.2, Z=-62.5 Wave
83% Xirak Fly from Xirak X=-31, Y=49, Z= 90 Cube
84% Pastel Fool X=-59.3, Y=22.5, Z=-51.3 Star
85% Chain Fan X=100.2, Y=-36.5, Z=27.6 Cube
86% Handle Between Sun & 8 X=41.1, Y=4.2, Z=16.6 Star
87% Cloud X=-55.4, Y=70.1, Z=14,7 Star
88% Tablet Between Marina & Moidib X=5.1, Y=-23.6, Z=-28.9 Cube
89% Hanger Between Sun & Zulu X=-51.3, Y=-4.7, Z=101.7 Star
90% Eddy Vortex X=-81.0, Y=48.1, Z=-41.9 Wave
91% Kipper Between Borax & Crevice X=25.0, Y=20.7, Z=-38.6 Star
92% Haggis Between Sun & Stuart X=46.6, Y=-65.3, Z=46.3 Star
93% Heroin C-Gul X=29.8, Y=92.7, Z=66.5 Star
94% Pluto Persephone X=-79.1, Y=-64.0, Z=69.4 Cube
95% Sirius Between Iwarit & Iyich X=9.8, Y=115.0, Z=-48.7 Star
96% Float X=-5.5, Y=-16.4, Z=-58.2 Wave
97% Sphinx Prince X=-43.0, Y=-78.6, Z=-4.7 Star
98% Spider Between Sun & Gollan X=-66.3, Y=-5.3, Z=82.6 S--More-- tar
99% Zodiac Ceres X=95.0, Y=71.8, Z=-6.6 Star
100% Maan Solidaan X=0, Y=0, Z=-0.5 Star

How to change the casket shape:

Energise the tracker beam on the casket
shoot using one of the lasers
repeat until require shape appears

Order of changes

Using the 14Mw Laser:
Cube -> Wave -> Plus -> Star -> and back to a Cube
Using the 10Gw Laser:
Star -> Plus -> Wave -> Cube -> and back to a Star


Where there is more than one casket at the location then the one you require is the one which is not a Plus.

At 25% & 92% you will find that the casket will disappear when you shoot it. Don't worry, just go to the nearest green safety zone and save your current position. Now reload your saved position, and fly to the casket again and you will find that it has returned and you can now shoot it when energised.

Before you attempt to do 83% make sure you have more than 150,000 Gecu in your account. This is because of the distance from Xirak to the casket is 13.5 C and takes around 60 static hours (about 20-40 mins depending on the amount of ships that attack you) to fly there and back. On returning you will be expected to pay 2-3 days of your loan account back.

Please note you should still check what the clues says each time as they also give you other information about the game.