Gateway to the world of communications

Termite Internet is an all-purpose communications package for the Acorn RISC OS range of computers. It gives you access to the a vast range of bulletin boards (BBSs) around the world, and to the biggest network of them all - the Internet.

What have bulletin boards to offer me?

Bulletin boards are often run as hobbies by many people, and Acorn enthusiasts are lucky to have several free high-quality bulletin boards dedicated to them. A wealth of Public Domain programs and information is to be found, and major systems such as Arcade have a huge database of the latest software, waiting to be downloaded.

There are also many specialist and general bulletin boards run fully or partly for profit, offering huge resources to the home user. Most bulletin boards also feature message areas for public discussion and chat facilities. You can even dial other people with modems directly, to transfer software and chat, using Termite's Chat mode.

One bulletin board you may like to call is Furzefield Hq, the DoggySoft support BBS. Latest versions of our software is available, including updates to Termite for registered users. There's also fidonet discussion groups (echos), on-line games, and the fastest way to contact us. If you have dial-up access, give it a ring on 01494 681711 (UK).

Why Termite though?

Termite is extremely easy to use: just click on the icon bar icon, and double-click on the board you want to connect to. Termite will make your modem dial the board, log on for you, and even run an automatic script for you, if you like.

Termite's script language is a very powerful and comprehensive language based on the BBC BASIC language supplied with RISC OS. It allows full manipulation of text and numbers, and provides the full set of BASIC V commands including REPEAT-UNTIL, IF-ELSE-ENDIF, PROC, FN, and so on. The BASIC language is so popular and easy-to-learn that even the novice user may create scripts that can log-on, collect mail, send any mail written, and log off again as quickly as possible, to avoid unnecessary phone costs. Termite has in-built call-costing facilities too, so you can monitor how much you're spending and where.

Another way to cut call costs is to read and write messages from bulletin boards off-line, browsing through mail at your leisure without having to be connected to anyone. Termite is supplied with Offlite, which allows you to do this.

Termite is supplied with all the protocols you need to communicate with bulletin boards, from file transfers to terminal emulations.

Onto the Internet

Termite is the easy way for the Acorn user to access the Internet. After running the simple installer and entering your details, Termite can log-on with a double-click on your dialling directory, and present you with the most intuitive interface to the Internet yet. There are no arcane commands to remember; just click on the control panel to open graphical interfaces to the major features of the Internet:

World Wide Web
Termite features a full graphical web browser, incorporating real-time GIF decoding, forms, text areas, bookmarks, redirection, authentification, proxies, caching, automatic file-type detection, smart quotes and more. It supports the full HTML 2.0 specification, and many HTML 3.0 and NetScape extensions. You can also use ftp, gopher, and wais through the web browser in the same environment. A disc-only demonstration is available from the Termite web browser page.
This gives a remote connection facility to many sites on the Internet, including university accounts and talkers. Termite's telnet uses the facilities of Termite's terminal emulators to make every telnet connection behave as flexibly as dialling a bulletin board.
News and mail
With e-mail, you can contact anyone else on the Internet (and beyond) in a split second. Newsgroups are public discussion areas on a huge range of general and specialist topics. Termite can transfer both (for mail, both SMTP and POP are supported), and you can read and write both off-line using Offlite (in the same way as you do with BBS mail) or the PD standard Newsbase.
Termite does away with the old command-driven FTP interface, and replaces it with a new, easy-to-use graphical interface, which works just like the RISC OS filer.
Other protocols
Finger is a simple tool to find out information on other Internet users. Ping tests the existence of another Internet site, and tells you how fast and reliable the link to it is. Time shows you the time from the Internet as a clock face, allowing you to set your computer's clock accurately.
Servers and other daemons
Termite includes a fully functional World Wide Web server free! Write your own web pages, and whilst you're on the Internet, people can read them just like you're reading this now. There are also daemons for:

Which Internet providers are supported?

Termite can work with any Internet service provider (ISP) that provides you with a direct SLIP or PPPconnection. All that Termite needs to be compatible with any particular provider is a script for that provider, in Termite's script language. (We are happy to create the necessary script for you, given details of the provider; there is also an automatic script-making facility which works for many new providers.)

Termite comes with ready-made scripts for the following providers, so use with them is simplicity itself: just choose the name of the provider, and their most local phone number.

Prices and requirements

Termite is compatible with RISC OS versions 3.1 and later. It is not guaranteed to work on older operating systems. A hard disc and 2 megabytes of RAM are required to run Termite.

Termite costs £79.95+VAT. If you have the non-Internet version of Termite, you can upgrade to the Internet version for £30.00+VAT (the difference in price). Postage & packaging is £3.00+VAT extra.

Orders can be made through the DoggySoft bulletin board, by phone to (01494) 673222 (in the UK), by fax to (01494) 675878, by e-mail to sales@doggysoft.co.uk, or by post to:

DoggySoft (Termite)
Furzefield House
Furzefield Road
Bucks. HP9 1PQ
United Kingdom

To use Termite on the Internet, you do need an Internet connection, which is usually from a subscription to an Internet provider, which can cost upwards of £10 (ten pounds sterling) a month in the UK. There are (with most providers) no on-line call charges when connected to the Internet, apart from the phone company's charge to connect to the (usually local) provider.

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James Ponder, DoggySoft Ltd.