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[2.0 No] Incompatible with RISC OS 2.0
[3.0 ?] Not tested on RISC OS 3.0
[3.7 Yes] Compatible with RISC OS 3.7 and StrongARM
[2MB] 2MB or more memory recommended
[HD] Hard disc required

All sizes given are 16-bit sparkive sizes. If you are running RISC OS 3.70 on a StrongARM, it is recommended you download the latest ROM patches from Acorn's web site - many of our programs will not work properly without it. If you have trouble with this patch, try the old version of ROMPatch with WTBPatch loaded.

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AcidWarp AddSprites BAX Cack CheatsArc Cookies dHacker Direction DirMenu Diss DragASprite EliteCheat EliteExt FontSafe FuelGauge HITS HourMake IconDir MusicSDP MZXiface NewerLook2 Palette PtrWatch RoughTime ShiftKeys StopClock TaskKill TaskMsg Termite Webite WimpSWIVe WTBPatch

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