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Task Messenger [2.0 No] [3.0 ?] [3.1 Yes] [3.5 Yes] [3.6 Yes] [3.7 Yes]

Version: 1.00, Size: 4K, Author: James Ponder

TaskMsg is a small utility for the command line that sends a WIMP message to a specified task. Miscellaneous uses include quitting tasks, loading files into text editors, etc.


Termite Internet [HD] [4MB] [2.0 ?] [3.0 ?] [3.1 Yes] [3.5 Yes] [3.6 Yes] [3.7 Yes]

Version: 1.08+, Size: 603K, Authors: many

Termite Internet is the easy-to-use all-in-one communications package for bulletin boards and the Internet. Full details are available from the Termite Internet area. Termite is a commercial package, but you can download a information pack which includes the disc-only web browser Webite and several pages of information (extended from that available here at our web site).

Download information pack

Webite [2.0 ?] [3.0 ?] [3.1 Yes] [3.5 Yes] [3.6 Yes] [3.7 Yes]

Version: 1.23, Size: 177K, Author: Jon Ribbens

Webite is a viewer for HTML files (as found on the world-wide web). It is derived from Termite's WWW protocol and has the same features, but it will only read HTML from disc; it will not fetch pages from the Internet.


WimpSWIVe [2.0 Yes] [3.0 Yes] [3.1 Yes] [3.5 Yes] [3.6 Yes] [3.7 Yes]

Version: 0.05, Size: 39K, Author: Andrew Clover

WimpSWIVe is a programmer's support module that provides a full dynamic pre-trapping and post-trapping vector chain for Wimp SWIs, without slowing the machine down by use of the hardware vector. Using this module makes trapping WIMP SWIs easy, and ensures compatibility with other programs that use it. Includes full source code and example programs.

Oh, and if you're wondering why the icon features an incongruous and bizarrely-coloured fish: I can't think of anything that could possibly represent a WIMP SWI (can you?) - so why not?


WTBPatch [2.0 No] [3.0 No] [3.1 No] [3.5 No] [3.6 No] [3.7 Yes]

Version: 0.00, Size: 5K, Author: Andrew Clover

Fixes a bug in RISC OS 3.7. Use only if you have trouble with Acorn's official ROM patch.


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