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MusicSDP [2.0 ?] [3.0 ?] [3.1 Yes] [3.5 Yes] [3.6 Yes] [3.7 Yes]

Version: 1.06, Size: 7K, Author: James Ponder

MusicSDP is a sound-to-light converter. It takes the sound currrently playing through your computer (through a soundtracker player) and generates moving coloured patterns.


MZXiface [2.0 No] [3.0 ?] [3.1 Yes] [3.5 Yes] [3.6 Yes] [3.7 Yes]

Version: 0.02, Size: 6K, Author: Andrew Clover

MZXiface is a Multiface poke executor for the PD Spectrum emulator MZX. (Other emulators have this feature built-in). Cheats Prosper features a large list of Multiface pokes. Note that although MZXiface works on the Risc PC, the current version MZX does not (without alteration).


NewerLook 2 [HD] [2MB] [2.0 No] [3.0 No] [3.1 Yes] [3.5 Yes] [3.6 Yes] [3.7 Yes]

Version: 2.06, Size: 696K, Author: Andrew Clover

NewerLook improves the look of the desktop vastly. Full details are available on the NewerLook page.


Palette [2.0 ?] [3.0 ?] [3.1 Yes] [3.5 No] [3.6 No] [3.7 No]

Version: 1.45, Size: 99K, Author: James Ponder

Palette is a replacement for the RISC OS Palette Utility. Offers features such as the mode number or number of colours on the icon bar, mode selection by colours and size, contrast and brightness controls, partial palettes, configurable mode menu, hot-key mode changing, CMYK editing, and a multi-effect screen saver.


Pointer Watch [2.0 ?] [3.0 ?] [3.1 Yes] [3.5 Yes] [3.6 Yes] [3.7 Yes]

Version: 1.00, Size: 11K, Author: Ben Dooks

Pointer Watch is a screen magnifier: a window that displays a close-up view of what's under the pointer. It's a good one because it uses direct screen access to be extremely fast, yet it has a fully alterable magnification factor and window size. It also has an icon number monitor, and works in the new Risc PC high-colours modes.


RoughTime [2.0 Yes] [3.0 Yes] [3.1 Yes] [3.5 Yes] [3.6 Yes] [3.7 Yes]

Version: 4.19, Size: 43K, Author: Jon Ribbens

RoughTime shows the current computer time in a 'rough' style (for example, "it's around quarter to ten"). There are three different windows to choose from, one extremely small and one which sticks to the Pinboard.


ShiftKeys [2.0 No] [3.0 ?] [3.1 Yes] [3.5 Yes] [3.6 Yes] [3.7 Yes]

Version: 0.02, Size: 11K, Author: Andrew Clover

ShiftKeys links Shift, Ctrl and Alt buttons to the iconbar. Clicking upon them emulates holding down the keys in question. This can be helpful for some special needs users, and in conjunction with Chars can give complete desktop control without a keyboard.


StopClock [2.0 Yes] [3.0 Yes] [3.1 Yes] [3.5 Yes] [3.6 Yes] [3.7 Yes]

Version: 0.02, Size: 5K, Author: Jon Ribbens

The world's most wonderful stopclock program. Has stop/start, reset and lap functions. Provides hotkeys. Pretty pointless, really.


TaskKill [2.0 No] [3.0 ?] [3.1 Yes] [3.5 Yes] [3.6 Yes] [3.7 Yes]

Version: 1.26, Size: 10K, Author: Paul Clifford

TaskKill gives you to capability to kill tasks, give them fatal errors and execute pre-defined star commands by pressing hot-keys. Useful for killing rogue tasks that have crashed (though this function is duplicated by the OS on the Risc PC).


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