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Diss [2.0 ?] [3.0 ?] [3.1 Yes] [3.5 Yes] [3.6 Yes] [3.7 Yes]

Version: 1.29, Size: 126K, Author: Ben Dooks

Diss is an desktop ARM code disassembler. This is a commercial product; you can download a demo. Diss includes label support for easy debugging, re-assembly, and block processing, amonst many useful features.


DragASprite [2.0 Yes] [3.0 Yes] [3.1 Yes] [3.5 Yes] [3.6 Yes] [3.7 Yes]

Version: 2.05, Size: 11K, Author: Andrew Clover

DragASprite is a prettier, faster, less flickery and more configurable version of the DragASprite module included in ROM on RISC OS 3. It uses an alternating dither pattern to avoid loss of detail in semi-transparent sprites, and has five optimised sprite drawing algorithms for speed.


ÉliteCheat [2.0 Yes] [3.0 Yes] [3.1 Yes] [3.5 Yes] [3.6 Yes] [3.7 ?]

Version: 1.09, Size: 72K, Author: Jon Ribbens

ÉliteCheat is an editor for Élite commander files, allowing you to alter your status, ship and missions.


ÉliteExt [2.0 Yes] [3.0 Yes] [3.1 Yes] [3.5 Yes] [3.6 Yes] [3.7 Yes]

Version: 1.02, Size: 20K, Authors: Andrew Clover and Ben Dooks

ÉliteExt is program that extends ArcÉlite to add a ship-and-cargo identify feature, hold contents indicator, on-board clock, shield strength scanner, rear window and fluffy dice.


FontSafe [2.0 No] [3.0 ?] [3.1 Yes] [3.5 Yes] [3.6 Yes] [3.7 Yes]

Version: 0.01, Size: 2K, Author: Ben Dooks

FontSafe limits resizing of the font cache to the Task Manager. This means that games cannot shrink your font cache to zero and make the desktop crawl, as they often like to do.


FuelGauge [2.0 No] [3.0 ?] [3.1 Yes] [3.5 Yes] [3.6 Yes] [3.7 Yes]

Version: 0.06, Size: 29K, Author: Ben Dooks

FuelGauge shows how much memory you've got left in the the form of a fuel-gauge-style indicator.


HITS [2.0 No] [3.0 No] [3.1 No] [3.5 No] [3.6 No] [3.7 No]

Version: latest one!!, Size: 78K, Authors: Moschops Ankleduster and Antoine Kerr

The WIMP application from hell!


HourMake [2.0 Yes] [3.0 Yes] [3.1 Yes] [3.5 Yes] [3.6 Yes] [3.7 Yes]

Version: 0.13, Size: 81K, Author: Jon Ribbens

If you find the normal blue triangular desktop hourglass somewhat primitive, why not design your own replacement with this utility? Comes with some example hourglasses.


IconDir [HD] [2.0 Yes] [3.0 Yes] [3.1 Yes] [3.5 Yes] [3.6 Yes] [3.7 Yes]

Version: 1.02, Size: 79K, Author: James Ponder

IconDir lets you arrange menu-based directory structures on the icon bar for quick and easy access to the depths of your hard disc.


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