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14th October 1996

Under construction! Unlike the majority of web sites with the under construction bloke-with-umbrella sign, this one really means it. It's not just under construction in the sense of waiting for more content - all web sites are like that - bits are actually missing. As you'll have noticed if you followed some of the links above. This unfinished site is here, now, for testing, and because the original may disappear. I hope to have all the advertised features up and running soon; please bear with me.

As you can see, the Inform Programming page has moved (to the DoggySoft Ltd. server), and had a major facelift. Don't worry: the graphics are quite small in length, and I've ensured that you can use the site perfectly without graphics.

The content has been re-arranged into four discrete sections, hopefully reflecting the different sorts of visitors to the site. There are new features in the Gameplay and Codeface sections, in particular local copies of some of the files from the IF-archive in Germany, so you should be able to download them more quickly.

Hello - I'm Andrew Clover, and I'm the new maintainer of the Inform Programming Pages. If you've got any comments, suggestions or even complaints about the new setup, please e-mail me at ajc@doggysoft.co.uk. I hope still to have some input from the old maintainer, Gareth Rees, who at the moment can still be contacted at Gareth.Rees@cl.cam.ac.uk, and I'd love to receive any new material (particularly reviews and articles) from you!

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Andrew Clover