A Night at the Museum Forever

By Chris Angelini, August 1995 (TADS).
Review: Gareth Rees.

I didn't enjoy playing this at all. Ninety percent of the game seemed to consist of tramping back and forth along the corridor in the different time zones, and the remaining ten percent was somewhat dull. No people, no interesting puzzles, no colourful background, no awe-inspiring future technology, nothing. The game seems to have not been play-tested, and it raises rather more questions than it answers.

Why is the McGuffin something as prosaic as a diamond ring in a game wanting for colour, when it could have been an exciting Heechee™ gadget with miraculous properties? Is the coal/diamond puzzle a reference to Zork I, or is it just serendipity? And anyway, how on earth did the coal turn into a diamond when it was just buried in a hole for 2000 years? Why is there a starvation time limit when there is no food in the game? Is this just the infamous 'TADS has starvation and sleep deprivation time limits unless you explicitly turn them off' bug, or is it deliberate? Why does the walkthrough think I can refer to the 'glass cover' as a `case'? And so on.

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Andrew Clover