Library Extensions

Most of these extensions can be used simply by downloading them into the library directory and putting the line Include "libname" in your game file.

I have split the list up into several sections of related libraries:

Parser, Scope, Verbs, Meta, Time, Debugging, Misc.

Read the comments at the top of each library for any special instructions; all libraries are compatible with Inform 6.05, library 6/4.



By Andrew Clover. Provides a system of adnames, words which may be used to refer to objects without themselves implying that the object name has been typed. (So that car door does not imply the car, and so on.)

Download Adname


By L. Ross Raszewski. Allows the commands Lock and Unlock to choose a default key where it is obvious.

Download LockTest


By Andrew Clover. Changes library messages to allow plural nouns such as a pair of gloves or some adverts.

Requires a change in the name of any extra LibraryMessages object provided by the game code.

Download PluralObj



By Jools Arnold. A system for handling floating objects, that is, objects that are in scope in many rooms but not physically located in any. Either complements or replaces the found_in property.

Download FloatingContents


By Richard Barnett and Joe Mason. Allows a quick way to code up scenery description as part of a room rather than a separate object with all the coding that implies.

In two parts: one part must be Included before grammar.h, the other after.

Download Scenery part one and part two.


By L. Ross Raszewski. Implements scopes for audible, touchable, smellable and tastable objects.

Requires additions to the the game code file.

Download Senses



By Gareth Rees and Andrew Clover. Allows people and other moving objects to be Followed by a player when they move away.

Download Follower


By L. Ross Raszewski. Changes the system of keys and locks so that the definition of what is unlocked by what is contained in the key object, allowing multiple keys to open a lock.

This extension requires some Replace directives to be added to the game code.

Download NewLock


By L. Ross Raszewski. Adds a Use verb which does some obvious default actions to objects.

Download Use


By L. Ross Raszewski. Implements a simple query verb so that the player can ask things like the classic What is a grue?.

Download WhatIs



By L. Ross Raszewski. Provides functions to aid in the creation of an Invisiclues-style Help command.

Download Hints


By L. Ross Raszewski. Allows you to add a system of footnotes with automatic numbering to your game.

Download Footnote


By Mike Philips. A replacement for the menu system in the standard Inform library. (Fixes one bug and adds a feature.)

This extension requires some Replace directives to be added to the game code.

Download NewMenu


By L. Ross Raszewski. A routine to print out ordinal numbers in English. (For example, forty-third.)

Download Ordinal



By L. Ross Raszewski. Some functions to provide handling and printing of dates. Requires the Ordinal library.

Download Date


By Erik Hetzner. Provides three functions which can be called in print statements like:

print "The time is: " (DigitalTime) the_time ".^";

Supports plain English time (ten past three and so on), and 12- or 24-hour digital time.

Download PrintTime


By Andrew Clover. Provides parsing of English time strings such as 11:32, twenty past two pm, and so on. Also gives an enhanced Wait command as seen in some Infocom games.

Download TimeWait


By Erik Hetzner. Provides a number of classes for implementing timepieces: that is, watches, clocks and the like. Requires TimeWait and PrintTime libraries.

Download Timepiece



By Jools Arnold. Provides a new verb, attributes allowing you to list or change the attributes of any object in your game whilst you play.

Download AttrTest


By David Wagner. Creates a debugging ShowObj command, which will reconstruct the definition of an object as it would appear in the Inform source code.

Download ShowObj



By Andrew Plotkin. Makes the daemons and timers of the Inform libraries behave predictably, executing in a fixed order.

This extension requires some Replace directives to be added to the game code.

Download Daemons


By Sam Hulick. Provides a more sophisticated model of sizes and weights of objects, and when one object can contain another.

This extension requires some Replace directives to be added to the game code.

Download Physics


By David Wagner. Defines a routine that can be used for the cant_go property of rooms to print the exits, instead of just You can't go that way.

Download SmartCantGo

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