3.3. Searching for text

This type of search allows you to find any textual information stored in the game's data, including passwords and on-screen messages.

Open the Search window, choose the 'Text' option and fill in the string to look for in the field next to the Text option. For example, if you are looking for passwords, try looking for the password for the first level; you may be able to see the passwords for subsequent levels further down in the disassembler.

Normally, text searches are case-insensitive; that is, capital and small letters are treated as the same letter. If this is not what you want, select the 'Case' option.

Finding things like passwords is often unsuccessful with commercial games as they encode the password data to stop it being easily seen. The 'Coded' option (see /!\ advanced searching) can get around the simplest type of encoding, but there are still many games whose passwords you won't be able to get.

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(-- Narrowing a search
/\ Finding cheats

23rd April 1998