2.1. Slowing down (and speeding up)

If a particular part of a game is hard, you can make it lots easier by slowing the game down. Interrupt the game, click Menu on the icon bar menu, and choose the 'Game speed' option.

Choose 'Slow down' and set the value to '2' for half-speed, '3' for one- third speed, and so on. Click on 'OK' to set the speed, and continue the game.

Slow down is particularly useful for running dodgy old games that can't regulate their speed properly on newer machines, and for games whose speed is tied to the 50Hz frame rate used by older machines when run on a Risc PC with a higher frame-rate.

It is also possible to make the game go faster, by selecting the 'Speed up' option instead of 'Slow down'. This works less often than slow down, simply because you can't make the computer's processor go any faster in software. The option will work best on well-written games that use the clock to regulate their speed, less well on games that tie their speed to the frame rate, and not at all on dodgy old games that don't regulate their speed at all.

There is a known bug in Desktop Hacker affecting the Risc PC. Sometimes when the game changes mode - particularly on loading - and Desktop Hacker is slowing it down, the machine will crash with a blank screen. I can find no reason for this, but you can avoid it by loading the game first and slowing it down afterwards whilst interrupting. The game loads more quickly that way too.

--) Saving the game state
/\ Using the in-game features

23rd April 1998