3.5. List processing

List processing is useful for combining the results of several compare operations. The most useful options are 'And' and 'And Not'.

These options, as well as the 'Or' option, work on the list you have currently selected and one other list, which should be specified in the 'Process list' field. The two lists are processed together and the results are sent to the list currently selected.

The 'And' option sends addresses to the selected list when the address is in both the selected list and the process list. This is useful when you have two separate compare operations which need to be cross- referenced.

The 'And not' option is generally the most useful as the first step in narrowing down a long compare list, as long as it is possible to get two game states in which the quantity you are searching for is set to the same thing. The result of an 'And not' operation is a list containing all addresses that are in the selected list but are not in the process list.

So you can lose a bit of energy and do a compare to find addresses that have decreased, then restore your energy to what it was before and do another compare with the original saved position, this time for all addresses that have changed at all, sending the results to another list.

Process the first list with the second list using 'And not', and you'll be left with a list of addresses that decreased when you lost energy, but returned to what they were before when your energy was restored. This technique quickly yields a short list, but for it to work you must be able to make sure that the quantity is back to what it was.

Other list-processing functions are 'Or', which makes a list containing all the addresses that were in either the selected or the process lists, and 'Copy' which copies the process list directly to the selected list.

It is also possible to directly add or remove an address or block of addresses to a list. To add an address, enter it in the 'Add address' field and press the button; to remove an address, click on it in the list window with Adjust. Click on 'Clear' to remove all the addresses.

To add or remove a block of addresses from the list, enter the (inclusive) lowest and highest addresses in the fields at the bottom of the Lists window and click on 'Select' or 'Deselect'. This is mostly useful for creating ranges of addresses to search between in a narrowing search, and removing large blocks of irrelevant addresses for a list.

Click Menu on the Lists window to save the list or print it out.

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