5.3. Format of list files

Position Length Contents
0 4 ID String 'List'
4 4 Number of items in list
8 4 Base of file (always &8000 under dHacker)
12 20 Zero terminated info text (always 'Created by dHacker[00][00]' under Desktop Hacker)
32 4n List of addresses, offset from base. (-ve allowed.)

Info text can be used to specify the type of search that produced the list, or the list creator program.

The file type for address lists is &B6E and is titled 'AddrList'. Lists produced by versions of Desktop Hacker earlier than 1.06 have the file type &0D1, and will not be recognised by newer versions. The file contents, however, are compatible, so you can convert an old list to a new list simply by re-typing it.

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23rd April 1998