5.5. History of Desktop Hacker

Name Version Description
The Hacker 0.01 (alpha) Stops at any time to execute * commands.
The Hacker 1.00 Features a single list that can be used in word, byte and string searches; also Kill game.
The Hacker 1.01 (beta) Bug fixes.
The Hacker 1.02 (alpha) Printer spooling options added.
The Hacker 1.03 Alter features added. First release. Summer 1992.
The Hacker 2.00 (beta) Disassembler added.
The Hacker 2.01 Bug fixes.
The Hacker 2.02 Filing features added.
The Hacker 3.00 (beta) First version with a GUI. Released at the BAU show 1992. Had hardly any features.
The Hacker 3.01 (alpha) Now uses callback handler. Most features present.
The Hacker 3.02 First commercial release, January 1993. Bug fixes; desktop interface task added. The Hacker itself changed into a utility file from a module.
The Hacker 3.03 Bug fixes; SWI window extended.
The Hacker 3.04 Bug fixes; graphical changes; Ctrl-Alt added for A4.
The Hacker 3.05 Bug fixes; pointer changes added for clarity.
The Hacker 3.06 New entire saved position file format.
The Hacker 3.07 Very minor release, before new bug in CheatMod spotted. Interactive help added to desktop interface.
The Hacker 3.08 Code-around through Software 42's anti-Hacker routines; DeviceVector delinking.
The Hacker 3.09 Bug fixes; graphical changes; at last the flickering screen is gone!
The Hacker 3.09i Internationalisable release; graphical changes.
The Hacker 3.10i The icon is improved at last! New Savings... entry, Options renamed to Choices.
Desktop Hacker 0.01 (alpha) Testing version using CallBacks instead of the SWI hardware vector.
Desktop Hacker 1.00 Acorn Action demo version. Never released as a full version.
Desktop Hacker 1.01 Mouse limits added. Many minor additions. System workspace bug fixed.
Desktop Hacker 1.02 Modules inserted from application space are now delinked over hacking. New game filetype used. Two-letter mnemonic search bug fixed. Wildcard bug fixed. Minor changes to windows. Savebox bug fixed. Sprite-not-found bug fixed.
Desktop Hacker 1.03 Error window bugs fixed. SWIVe26 appmodule delinking bug fixed. Save menu click/hot-key bug fixed.
Desktop Hacker 1.04 One-byte MemoryAccess block transfer bug fixed. FP CDP bit 15 bug fixed. Source=destination search bug fixed.
Desktop Hacker 1.05 Info version number font fixed. Info/Error windows WimpPatch-aware. Cache now zeroed when invalidated. (So things like dHMusic don't find parts of other memory lurking in the RMA.)
Desktop Hacker 1.06 First major upgrade. HackPoint *commands added for SWI, SWIGroup, and Delay. BreakPoint SWI implemented. Memory reserving allowed. Desktop redrawn on continue. Squashed game files now supported. Forking added, so that you don't end up hacking the WIMP front end instead of the game itself. A few minor bugs fixed. Desktop Hacker 1.07 dr Fixed R9 corruption on forking bug. Added 'Don't keep screen memory' option for machines with little RAM.
Desktop Hacker 1.08 Changed * command slightly to make it work with games that check the command used to run themselves (Empire Soccer), and added 'speed up'.
Desktop Hacker 1.09 (beta) Abortive attempt to add the assembler and further delink modules.
Desktop Hacker 1.10 Fixed for StrongARM/RISC OS 3.7. (Actually, coded around Acorn's bugs in Wimp_TransferBlock would be a more accurate description.) Made to understand OS_CallASWI and OS_CallASWIR12 so you can trap SWIs called via this method. Disassembler updated to include the new ARMv4 architecture SWIs LDR/STRH, LDRS[B/H], BX. MSR commands now disassembled to ARMv4 standard mnemonics.
Desktop Hacker 1.11 Oops, I forgot to add the MULL instructions to the disassembler. Desktop Hacker now supports all ARMv4 architecture instructions, including (S/U)(MUL/MLA)L.
Desktop Hacker 1.12 Fixed bug in disassembly of some undefined instructions.
Desktop Hacker 1.20 RISC User release, probably the final one. Fixed some minor bugs, added the re-assembly feature, finally got around to rewriting the manual and making it available in HTML.

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23rd April 1998