1.3. Forking

Under RISC OS, a program can start off another task to run concurrently with it using the SWI Wimp_StartTask. However, Desktop Hacker can only hack one task at once, so when it detects this happening it will ask you which of the tasks you wish to hack.

If you click on 'Follow', Desktop Hacker will forgot the old task it was following, and hack the new one. This is usually what you want with games, as generally it is a Wimp front end task launching a main game task, and the latter is what you want to hack.

If you click on 'Stay', Desktop Hacker will ignore the new task and continue with the existing one. On some versions of the WIMP, this may sometimes not work and cause Desktop Hacker to follow no task at all, due to the odd way Wimp_StartTask works. So it's usually best not to choose 'Stay'.

--) Reserving memory and screen memory
(-- Interrupting with the hot-keys
/\ Running Desktop Hacker

23rd April 1998