4.2. Making a cheat module


To create a cheat module, you must load the CheatMod application. The editor window automatically appears. First, fill in the name of the game, your name, and any other help text that might be necessary to describe how to use the cheat. If this string is particularly large, or there are a lot of cheats in the module, set the 'Clear screen' option, so that some of the information doesn't scroll off the window when the cheat module is run.

Next, fill in a check string and address. When any of the cheats in the cheat module are used, this address is checked. If it does not contain the text you type, the cheat is not activated. This protects programs other than the game from being hacked accidentally, and is a good idea to prevent them from crashing, but is not compulsory.

A good way to find a check string is to search for the name of the game using Desktop Hacker's text search, then put one of the addresses into CheatMod. Now add the cheats.

Each cheat is activated by holding down Alt and pressing a key. Click Menu on the editor window, and choose Add key. Put the key that activates the cheat at the top, and give the cheat a name, so that the user can see what it does. Each key may activate many effects, each of which alters one or many addresses in a fixed way. To add a new effect, click Menu on the Key editor window, and choose 'Add effect'. The Effect editor window appears.

Choose whether to use bytes or words (use whatever you used when searching), type a value (selecting the hex icon to the left of the value if it is in hex), and what action to use: 'Load' simply puts the value you specify into the address(es); 'Add' and 'Subtract' increase and decrease the contents of the address(es) by the amount you specify; Or, And and Eor are bitwise logical operations, and are unlikely to be useful except for altering instructions.

Then add the address or addresses, one by one, that are to be affected. Click Menu on the Effect editor window, move over the Add address item, and type the address.

To see some examples of programming cheat modules, drag one from the cheat modules archive (the latest version of which is available at http://www.doggysoft.co.uk/cheat.html ) to !CheatMod. You can also import CheatMods made by old copies of The Hacker.

If you do make any CheatMods of new cheats, please send them to us to include in the collection!

--) Using a cheat module
(-- Altering words
/\ Putting the cheats into action

23rd April 1998