* Cheats Prosper: An Acorn site

If you're not a user of Acorn RISC OS computers, you'll get little from this web site.

Cheats Prosper is a repository for all manner of cheats, but only for Acorn games. The cheat modules won't work on a PC or Mac, or any platform other than RISC OS. The cheat modes will probably not work on versions of the same games for different platforms. In fact the only resource here not tied to the Acorn platform is the list of Multiface pokes for Spectrum games, which can be run through emulators on many computers.

So, if you're a PC user having trouble with a game that's not been released for the Acorn, please don't e-mail be asking for cheats. I can't help you. I can only suggest you try the Games Info section at Games Domain.

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Andrew Clover, DoggySoft Ltd.